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Length 103
Outside Diameter 97
Inner Diameter 27
Structure Material ECO filter
Owner Number
ISUZU 8-98165-375-0
NISSAN 16403-89T0M
TOYOTA 1K09-23-570
VIC F-516
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Years Eng Vol Eng No Body Oil Air Fuel Cabin Trans


02.07~ 3000 4JJ1-T NJR85 OE584J A0721 FE0040FE1022

NISSAN   »   Atlas Condor

04.12~01.13 3000 4JJ1-T ALR85 OE584J FE1022FE0040
04.12~01.13 3000 4JJ1-T AMR85 OE584J FE0040FE1022
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