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Thread 3/4x16 "
O-Ring gasket 52x80
Outer Diameter [mm] 10
Inner Diameter [mm] 10
Variations PM1018
JS PM1018
Owner Number
NISSAN 16401-06J00
NISSAN 16401-06J01
NISSAN 16401-06J02
NISSAN 16401-06J0A
NISSAN 16401-30J00
NISSAN 16401-30J01
NISSAN 16401-30J0A
NISSAN 16401-30J0B
NISSAN 16401-51N00
NISSAN 16401-51N03
NISSAN 16401-51N0B
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Years Eng Vol Eng No Body Oil Air Fuel Cabin Trans

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06.89~06.98 2800 RD28T Y60 C226J A2004 SF2201PM1016FC226J
10.87~08.99 4200 TB42E Y60 C206J A2501 FS312JPM1016
10.87~08.99 4200 TB42S Y60 C206J A2002 FS312JPM1016
10.87~08.99 4200 TD42 Y60 C222J A2020A2002 FC226JSF2201PM1016
08.93~08.99 4200 TD42T Y60 C226JC222J A2002A2020 FC226JSF2201PM1016

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10.94~11.97 2800 RD28T WYY60 C226J A2004 FC226JSF2201PM1016
10.87~10.97 4200 TD42 VRGY60 C222J A2002 PM1016FC226JSF2201
10.87~08.93 4200 TD42 VRY60 C222J A2002 PM1016FC226JSF2201
02.91~08.93 4200 TD42 WRGY60 C222J A2002 PM1016FC224JSF2201
02.91~08.93 4200 TD42 WRY60 C226JC222J A2002 FC226JSF2201PM1016
08.93~10.97 4200 TD42T WRGY60 C226JC222J A2004 FC226JSF2201PM1016
08.93~10.97 4200 TD42T WRY60 C226JC222J A2004 SF2201PM1016FC226J
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